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Choosing a Wig Based on Your Face Shape

With so many wig styles on the market it can be overwhelming to choose the right kind to make you look best. Your face will be one of the four shapes below: Round: If your chin and hairline are rounded, this is your face shape. The correct wig for a round face shape will be […]

Trichotillomania The Hair Pulling Disorder

Trichotillomania is a hair pulling disorder that many people are unaware of, and yet it affects two out of every 50 people. This psychological condition doesn’t get mentioned a lot in the media. For those that suffer from it can suffer intense negative feelings about it’s affects on them. Signs and Symptoms of Trichotillomania Trichotillomania […]

Studio 5 Hair Gallery Wig Shop Salon Baltimore Maryland

Women’s Wigs – Baltimore Eastern Shore MD The first image that comes to your mind when you hear about wigs is most likely the short wig that doesn’t blow in the wind….Well don’t be alarmed.  Studio 5 Hair Gallery isn’t that type of wig shop, it’s actually a modern wig shop with a full salon. […]

Why does your hair turn grey?

Many people insist that men over the age of 40 with grayed temples are the most charming. But what about these men or women who tend to have grey hair at younger ages, even long before they turn 30? In most cases, white people are beginning to show gray hairs around the mid 30s, Asians […]

Why use Organic Products?

We absorb a lot of the products into our body when we use products. Using organic and paraben free products means less chemicals absorbed into your body, and healthier hair. It can help with allergies and sensitive skin or scalp issues, sometimes you may just need an organic product to get rid of the dry […]

Is your hair thinning?

If you have fragile hair and desire a more voluminous look, hair extensions for thin hair may be just what you need Studio 5 can do this for you…. First, it’s all about length and thickness. Purchasing 24 inch hair extensions will add layers to frail hair and bulk up the tops and side of […]


Summer Hair Care Tips

Summertime Hair Care Tips Most of us are quick to acknowledge the need to protect our skin from the rigors of sun, but what about our hair?? Summer is a season of exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine — not to mention a few extra chemical sun streaks for style — can come together […]