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Hair Extensions as a Solution for Hair Loss

Hair Extensions: A Quick Fix for Thinning Hair Hair styles can be greatly varied with the use of hair extensions. These can add incredible volume and length to a person’s hair. Hair extensions also help those who suffer from thinning hair, baldness or alopecia. They work well for women and men who are just looking […]

Scalp Related Hair Loss

Losing your hair is never something that you expect, regardless of the reason. We all know that the chance of us having our hair thin increases as we age, and if you undergo treatments like chemotherapy, that too causes your hair to fall out. If you lose your hair because of a skin condition, what […]

Motherhood and Hair Loss: Is There a Link?

When you were little, your exasperated Mom probably said, “You kids are making me tear my hair out!” That wasn’t true, of course, but there are real factors that can cause thinning hair or female hair loss during motherhood. The culprits are hormones, which can change with pregnancy, birth control pills and aging. Still, every […]

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Be honest, how often have you looked at those models in the glamour magazines and wished you had hair like them. The truth is, many of those models use hair extensions to create hair that looks glamorous. Hair extensions are also a wonderful solution for women experiencing hair loss or who have thinning hair. It’s […]

Hair Extensions for Women with Fine Hair

If you had a fairy godmother who could grant you a wish, for many women it would be to have thick, luscious long healthy hair. We can all change the color and even the condition of our hair but we can’t change what we weren’t born with when it comes to hair density. If you […]

How to really wash your Hair….

You might do it nearly every day, but here’s something surprising: you might not really know how to wash your hair the right way. Using the correct techniques can make a world of difference in your hair’s health, bounce and shine—but if you’re making some common mistakes, you could be damaging your lovely locks without even […]

Cheap hair Health?

What many people don’t realize is hair growth has a lot to do with diet and these vitamins will help you with the look you really desire… Vitamin C Vitamin C can help strengthen hair and help it grow because it increases production of collagen which is great for hair, nails and skin. Biotin If […]