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Teenage Hair Loss Takes It’s Toll

Effects & Causes of Teenage Hair Loss Teenage hair loss is a more widespread problem that many realize. As we age, it’s normal to develop some hair loss. Sometimes teenagers can also lose their hair. For a teenager, finding that you’re losing your hair can be a discomforting experience, and for girls that feeling is […]

Is Male Hair Loss Really Normal?

Hair loss can affect anyone – and it does! It is normal to shed 50-100 hairs per day! Follicles throughout the head get tired and need rest. Once they go through this resting phase, the hair then returns. This cycle continues throughout a lifetime until there are no more cycles. The hair then miniaturizes and […]

Headbands and Hair Accessories for Fall

Fall will soon be upon us. No matter if you sport headbands, big bows, clips or anything else you like, accessorizing your summer hair is guaranteed to be fun, simple and carefree. Are you looking for some amazing ideas for summer hair accessories? Look no further. The following list shows off our top picks for […]

I’m A Teenager Losing My Hair: Now What?

If you ask most people about hair loss they would probably say it is something that happens to older people. The fact is, it can happen to anyone and that includes teenagers. We are going to take a closer look into why teenagers could experience hair loss at a young age and what treatments are […]

Fast Action Can Give Better Hair Results

Around half of all men by the time they ready 50 will be affected they male pattern baldness or other forms of hair loss. It can begin to show signs much earlier for some men in their twenties. Male pattern baldness is also referred to as Androgenic Alopecia. Early stages often are a receding of […]