Cesare Ragazzi Hair Systems for Women

The CNC Natural Contact Hair Replacement System for Women

female hair loss replacement mechanicsville marylandFor those searching for the best hair available, Cesare Ragazzi has long been a leading name in medical grade hair replacement, and we are proud to provide their top-of-the-line CNC product – Capellini Naturali a Contatto (Natural Contact Hair). The CNC is the most sophisticated hair replacement system on the market today—natural-looking, clinically proven, and non-surgical. It allows women to get the look they want and live their life without compromise.

Cesare Ragazzi is one of the gold standards in female hair systems; an internationally-patented system that integrates perfectly with natural hair in areas of the scalp that are affected by baldness or thinning hair without the need for hair transplant surgery. It’s a comfortable, lightweight, non-invasive solution that is individually customized to your own specific needs and offers an extraordinarily natural-looking appearance. This system has been dermatologically tested to maintain a normal scalp and skin ‘breathability,’ as well as offering antibacterial protection for your skin.

At Studio 5 Hair Gallery, we take careful measurements of a client’s scalp to create an exact mold. We also match a client’s exact scalp color, hair color, hairline, and hair pattern. All of this information is sent to Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories in Italy, where they follow a 39-step process, including the use of 3D printing, and the expertise of Italian artisans who hand inject virgin, non-processed human hair into the base — to create a unique non-surgical hair replacement system for each client.

CNC is perfect for women facing either partial or total hair loss. It’s comfortable, undetectable, and easy to maintain. We recommend that any women facing hair loss look into the CNC from Cesare Ragazzi.