Hair Extensions for women with thinning hair

Hair Extensions for Women with Fine Hair

If you had a fairy godmother who could grant you a wish, for many women it would be to have thick, luscious long healthy hair. We can all change the color and even the condition of our hair but we can’t change what we weren’t born with when it comes to hair density.

If you are someone that has naturally thin hair, it probably drives you crazy. You listen to women who are lucky enough to be blessed with thick hair complain about how unmanageable their hair is, but you would trade them for their hair type over your limp hair any day. Well, today there are fantastic hair extension options that can give your limp hair a boost and give you the hair you desire. Hair extensions are perfect for giving you extra volume and thickness along with extra length. If your hair needs a boost, here are three different ways your hair can look thicker and fuller with the use of hair extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you have never worn hair extensions before you may want to ease yourself into them. Finding the kind of look that works best for you may take some time and advice from a hair extension specialist. Clip in hair extensions are perfect for someone who has never worn hair extensions before. You can pop them in when you need a little volume, but still take them out before you go to bed. They are convenient and quick to give you some thickness to your thin hair when you want it.

Wefts & Weaves

If you are looking for a more permanent look, and don’t want to have to clip in hair extensions every day then human hair weaves are the answer. They are bonded to your natural hair using a number of methods that will give you a more permanent and thicker look.

Best Hair for Extension

The best hair extensions for thin hair are those made from 100% human hair. They are perfect to replicate your natural hair’s texture and color and they aren’t too heavy to wear. They give you a natural look which is often a concern for women with fine hair and that is because the cuticles face the same way as your own growing hair which gives you a seamless finish.