Headbands and Hair Accessories for Fall

womens hair replacement baltimore arlington patuxet river marylandFall will soon be upon us. No matter if you sport headbands, big bows, clips or anything else you like, accessorizing your summer hair is guaranteed to be fun, simple and carefree. Are you looking for some amazing ideas for summer hair accessories? Look no further. The following list shows off our top picks for fall hair accessories.

Floral Brooches

First and foremost, although floral brooches are hardly a new phenomenon, wearing these eclectic floral arrangements in your hair is certainly on trend. The renewed interest can certainly be credited to social media sites such as Snapchat.


No matter if you are looking for something soft and floral, thin and woven, or hard and metallic, you can meet all of your accessorizing needs with a headband. Moreover, they work for an array of styles and can even hide your unruly hair days!

Hair Pins

Typically used as a tool for styling and nothing more, hair pins have begun to take center stage in recent years. Use them to keep your hair out of your face, and incorporate them with ponytails, free-flowing locks and, of course, updos as well. The best part about these accessories is that they are so fun and versatile. You can use one, a few of the same kind, or even mix and match for a unique look all your own.

Big Bows

Lastly, if you prefer hair accessories that are more of the fun and flirty side, you will love the look of large bows. Available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, large bows are a super fun way to accessorize during the summer months. Although you may love them enough to wear all year round, you might have difficulty finding a way to fit your winter hat over these babies. Therefore, they typically get left in the cold during winter.

Finding the best hair accessories for the summer months doesn’t have to be frustrating or complicated. Simply try a few from this list and you’re bound to find the perfect hair accessory for you!