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Motherhood and Hair Loss: Is There a Link?

When you were little, your exasperated Mom probably said, “You kids are making me tear my hair out!” That wasn’t true, of course, but there are real factors that can cause thinning hair or female hair loss during motherhood. The culprits are hormones, which can change with pregnancy, birth control pills and aging. Still, every Mom will tell you that her real crowning glory is her children!

Hair Loss and Pregnancy

Every Mom — and confused Dad! — Knows that hormones go crazy during pregnancy. At first, your hair seems to be fuller and thicker because of a hormone surge. In the late stages of pregnancy and after the baby’s born, your hair may become dry and break off because of increased progesterone. That’s the time to pamper your hair: use mild shampoos, conditioner and a detangler and detangling comb on wet hair. Keep your hair loose when possible.

Birth Control

Women with a genetic history of pattern baldness should ask their doctors about “low-androgen” pills, or non-hormonal birth control methods. Androgens are male hormones: an excess of androgens — either from a natural hormone imbalance or from birth control pills — can contribute to hair loss. So if you experience changes in your hair while taking birth control pills, contact your doctor right away.

Menopause and Aging

It’s no surprise that menopause brings hormonal changes in your hair. Your individual hair strands seem thinner, especially around the hairline where you might see more scalp, and you lose overall volume. What happens is that when hair falls out, it isn’t replaced as quickly. Loss of sebum, which is a naturally produced hair lubricant, also slows, leaving your hair brittle. And just to add to the overall fun, your thyroid slows down, which isn’t great for your hair. This is a good time to have your thyroid tested and start taking medication of you need it.


If you think hair restoration solutions are just for guys, you’ll be glad to hear that they’re as effective at regrowing women’s hair. And the sooner you start treatment, the better. At Embassy Studio we offer both surgical and non-surgical methods for both men and women.

Stop frying your hair with blow dryers, hot rollers, flat irons and the like. If you must use these methods, use a lower heat.

Do you perm AND color your hair? You might want to drop one of them. Changing your style to a softer, easy-care look can work wonders, too.

Change your diet to include antioxidant foods and foods rich in calcium and vitamins A, E and C. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for your hair, skin and the rest of your body. Get these in food, especially fish, or in capsule form, with flax seed oil being the richest. Drink more water, too!

Ultimately, there isn’t anything more rewarding than being a mother. If you or your mom are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss contact us for a free, private consultation today. As always, there is no obligation.