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Scalp Related Hair Loss

Losing your hair is never something that you expect, regardless of the reason. We all know that the chance of us having our hair thin increases as we age, and if you undergo treatments like chemotherapy, that too causes your hair to fall out. If you lose your hair because of a skin condition, what do you do? Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can affect the scalp, and when this happens, it can affect the growth of hair. You don’t hear much talk about how to cope with scalp-related hair issues. For those inflicted with this condition, it is a real problem: one that can be painful and often is so stigmatized that those with it cover up their problem areas out of embarrassment.

Hair Loss and Self-Esteem

If you are one of the many individuals that live with a skin condition, one of the first steps you should take in dealing with the condition is realizing that you are not alone. Others have your same condition and can understand how you feel.

Many people that suffer some sort of hair loss deal with how it affects their self-image. Add to that a skin condition as being the cause of their hair loss, and the effect is even greater. A serious skin condition on your scalp not only can affect the growth of hair but it can also leave unsightly marks on your skin and scalp.

Hair Restoration Options in Maryland

Hair loss can have a huge impact of your life and when you couple that with a skin condition, the impact can be much greater. You need to take that into consideration when you look at trichological hair loss treatment options. There are things that can be done to restore your hair like custom wigs, but resolving and controlling the skin condition that caused your hair loss takes time. To cope with your condition, there is no instant cure. It will take time and patience to get your skin condition under control. A key element is to have support from friends and family when you are dealing with emotional and physical conditions.

Maryland Hair Loss Specialist

At Studio 5 in Mechanicsville, Maryland, we specialize in the most advanced Maryland hair restoration solutions for men and women. We work with each client on an individual basis to help you achieve your lifestyle goals. For the new year, there are a variety of clinically proven hair and scalp solutions to help restore your hair’s health and fulness. Start the new year off right with great looking hair that looks and feels youthful, vibrant and beautiful! Contact us today to schedule your free, private hair and scalp consultation.