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Trichotillomania Hair Pulling Disorder - Human Hair Wigs

Trichotillomania The Hair Pulling Disorder

Trichotillomania is a hair pulling disorder that many people are unaware of, and yet it affects two out of every 50 people. This psychological condition doesn’t get mentioned a lot in the media. For those that suffer from it can suffer intense…
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Why does your hair turn grey?

Many people insist that men over the age of 40 with grayed temples are the most charming. But what about these men or women who tend to have grey hair at younger ages, even long before they turn 30? In most cases, white people are beginning…
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Does Having an Oily Scalp Influence Hair Loss

For most of us, we were never told about the connection between oily hair and hair loss. Our hygiene habits are something that we learned from our parents. When you’re a kid you were probably told to “wash your hands” before dinner, and…