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Wigs and Hairpieces: 3 Reasons Why they are Hotter than Ever


Wigs and Hairpieces

Needing to wear a wig due to hair loss may not seem like a fun or glamorous solution. However, wigs and women’s hair replacement systems have really come a long way. Just by looking at pages in a celebrity magazine, you will see that wigs really have not been hotter!

Sure enough, it is easy to see the usual suspects like Katy Perry, Nikki Minaj and Lady Gaga with their over the top wigs. Some wigs are harder to spot due to their realistic look, like the ones worn by Beyonce and Adele. The following are reasons why wigs are being so commonly worn today:

Increased Quality of Wigs

Wigs are no longer made with rugs but rather human hair and synthetic materials, which are nearly impossible to tell from the real thing. Bonding technology allows for ponytails and other styling options. Wigs are also made for guys to, being worn by Robert Pattinson and John Travolta, just to name a couple.

The most realistic look and softest feel is achieved with a wig made with human hair. However, materials in synthetic hair are not very far behind in terms of look and feel, and they also cost a lot less.

Easier Wig Maintenance

Synthetic wigs also have the advantage of being worn right out of the box. In addition, they are easier to maintain due to the face that the hair bounces back in place with minimal effort.

A wig made with human hair cannot be worn out of the box, but it can be cut and styled to get the perfect look. The wig can even be styled with heat to change it up, just like a real head of hair.

Either wig you choose can be maintained with products developed to keep the wigs looking beautiful.

Many Different Styles to Choose From!

Whatever your reason for choosing a wig, whether it’s  women’s alopecia wigs or other medically related hair loss issue such as chemotherapy treatments, or just to glam up a look, choosing a wig has never been this fun. There is a huge range of colors, styles and cuts to choose from. Hairpieces are also gaining popularity, working against thinning hair and helping to add realistic length and volume to a hairdo.

Due to the increase in wig technology, hair loss sufferers can finally enjoy the look of a realistic looking and feeling head of hair, without needing to take a surgical option. If you are interested in learning more about solutions for your hair loss, then visit us for a free consultation. Contact Us Today.