CRLAB CNC Women’s Hair Replacement Solutions



CRLAB CNC Custom Women’s Hair Replacement

CRLAB’s patented CNC Capelli Naturalia Contatto (Natural Contact Hair) system provides women with hair loss and thinning hair a reliable, advanced, and permanent women’s hair loss solution. With CRLAB’s 3-D Printed CNC hair replacement systems, you can enjoy an active lifestyle literally without limitations.

We achieve a natural look because the hair system uses 100% human hair. This non-surgical patented method ensures perfect hair thickness and color by carefully analyzing your unique features.

Studio 5 Hair Gallery is your exclusive Mechanicsville, Maryland area resource for CRLAB’s (formerly Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories) 3D printed custom-designed women’s hair replacement system.

If you’ve ever wondered if a superior hair system for women exists…the answer is a resounding YES!

CNC Hair System by CRLAB

Studio 5 Hair Gallery is dedicated to providing our female clients with the most natural, most advanced hair restoration technology available. And the CRLAB (formerly Cesare Ragazzi) CNC non-surgical hair restoration system is widely considered the best in the world.

CRLAB’s unique, patented CNC Capelli Naturalia Contatto (Natural Contact Hair) system is technologically advanced, proven and permanent. You can return to living a full, active life without compromise. The CNC system is the most efficient method for resolving full or partial hair loss. Clinically tested, practical, non-surgical and natural-looking, this special, patented method produces perfect hair thickness and color, both of which are determined by closely studying your individual characteristics.

Advanced Non-Invasive Women’s Hair Restoration

The CNC Women’s Hair Replacement system, is a hair thickening system that integrates natural hair in areas of the scalp that have been affected by hair thinning and baldness without surgical intervention. It is a non-invasive solution, personalized to the needs of each individual client, restoring an extremely natural look.

WHO IS CNC DESIGNED FOR?  Women who have experienced full or partial hair loss. Before treatment commences a thorough hair and scalp examination takes place in the privacy of our clinic. Make an appointment today to see if you qualify for this amazing opportunity to regain the look you want.

With the CNC System you can feel good about yourself again, and confident around other people – rediscovering the freedom to live every moment of your life without feeling self-conscious.

CRLAB CNC Hair Replacement for Women allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using an established system that is lightweight, stress and water-resistant, and stands up to strenuous exercise and sun exposure, guaranteeing a practical and long-lasting solution.

The CRLAB CNC System has been dermatologically tested to maintain a normal scalp and skin ‘breathability’, as well as offering antibacterial protection for your skin. So, say goodbye to hair loss anxiety once and for all. Your journey to great hair begins with one simple phone call.  Make that call today.

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