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Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

For many men, hair loss is a common issue. Male pattern hair loss often starts in the late teens or early 20s. Men’s hair loss can also be a result of medical conditions or skin disorders.

Regardless of the reason for your hair loss, it can impact your confidence and self-esteem. The good news is that men’s hair loss treatment and hair restoration options have changed dramatically in just the last several years.

At Studio 5 Hair Gallery in Mechanicsville, Maryland, we believe every man should feel confident about his hair. That’s why we provide the latest, personalized non-surgical hair replacement and hair loss treatment options for men of all ages and hair types.

Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

At Studio 5, everything we do is focused on providing individually personalized care. The process starts with a thorough evaluation of your scalp, followed by a one-on-one evaluation of the best hair restoration options for your specific situation, including non-surgical hair replacement as well as treatments designed to preserve your own natural, growing hair.

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CRLAB is the world leader in custom men’s hair restoration solutions, with 3D printed technology for the comfort, security, and style you want and deserve – all without invasive surgical procedures.

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Custom Design Hair

Studio 5 Custom Design Hair offers the latest in innovative design and advanced technology, for the latest in undetectable hair replacement for men that is perfect for the most active lifestyle.

Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth

For men and women who are just beginning to see signs of hair loss and thinning hair, we provide comprehensive scalp treatments and trichological hair loss treatment options to slow or stop the progression of hair loss and promote healthy hair regrowth.

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Laser Hair Therapy

Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy offers a non-invasive, clinically proven way to stop or significantly slow the progression of hereditary hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

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CRLAB Trichological Treatments

Individually personalized trichological hair loss treatment programs to improve hair and scalp health, and help achieve the best underlying scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

Men’s Hair Restoration FAQs

Do you have questions about hair loss and hair replacement? We are here to help.


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