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CRLAB Trichological Hair Treatments

A healthy scalp is important for healthy hair growth. A variety of hair loss conditions can occur as a result of scalp problems such as excess oil, allergies, rashes, or simply poor scalp hygiene. At Studio 5, we focus on scalp treatment therapy, offering clients clinically tested and proven hair loss treatment and prevention products to address a range of unhealthy scalp conditions.

The CRLAB Trichology Division has developed trichological scalp treatment therapy programs to help you combat hair loss. Used by both women and men, these treatments keep your hair healthy, as well as keeping your hair loss in check. By tackling these issues, scalp treatments can help reduce hair loss and promote healthy, vibrant hair growth. Removing these barriers can lead to a healthier scalp.


Comprehensive Hair Treatment Therapy Solutions

At the heart of the CRLAB trichological approach to scalp health is a comprehensive scalp assessment. During this process, we will gather a detailed medical history, assess the client’s lifestyle and environmental factors, and conduct a thorough examination of the scalp and hair. This holistic approach allows for the identification of the root causes of any scalp or hair-related concerns, which may include:

  • Excess sebum production (oily scalp)
  • Dry, flaky scalp (dandruff)
  • Inflammation and irritation (dermatitis)
  • Fungal or bacterial infections
  • Autoimmune disorders (e.g., psoriasis)
  • Hormonal imbalances

By understanding the underlying causes, we can develop a tailored treatment plan to address each client’s individual and specific needs.

Take Control of Your Hair Health

A healthy scalp can positively impact your hair in many ways. At Studio 5 in Mechanicsville, Maryland, we take scalp health seriously because it is so important for health of your hair. A hidden skin condition could make your hair appear dull and less healthy. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free, private hair loss consultation. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make to regain control of your hair!

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