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Thinning Hair Wigs in Maryland

Let’s face it: Wigs have received a bad reputation. And in most cases they have deserved it, not having been designed, manufactured, or styled to the highest quality standards.

Unfortunately, the hair replacement business is one in which you only notice bad quality workmanship. Quality craftsmanship in wigs and hair pieces is never seen, because it looks so natural. For over a decade, Studio 5 Hair Gallery in Mechanicsville, Maryland has worked very hard to make sure that our wigs and hair replacement systems are of the very highest quality — in design, craftsmanship and styling.

Our highest-quality, expertly designed wigs will help you feel and look beautiful, restoring your confidence and keeping up with your daily lifestyle.

Alopecia and Chemotherapy Wigs for Permanent and Temporary Hair Loss


We take great pride in our human hair wigs. For the very ultimate in comfort and style there is nothing like a high quality human hair wig.

If you suffer from and of the various forms of Alopecia (Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis) or other medical conditions including Chemotherapy and Trichotillomania, we have beautiful 100% natural human hair wigs and are light and easy to maintain.

The vast majority of our wigs are hand made. Hand knotting gives the wig a much more natural appearance with respect to the amount of hair in the cap as well as how the hair moves when the wig is worn. It also offers greater comfort, since it is lighter and cooler than wigs that are made by machine.

The Finest Wigs and Wig Buying Experience in Maryland

Studio 5 Hair Gallery specializes in offering quality women’s wigs that not only will give you your look back, but also a beautiful women’s hair loss solution. No matter your reason for needing or wanting a wig, Studio 5 Hair Gallery offers many options that allow you to go living a normal life without the worry of your hair loss.

We offer wigs for both people with permanent hair loss, or temporary hair loss, like those who are undergoing medical treatments. Our wigs are designed to fit your look and style and are designed in such a way so as to fit you perfectly and be light and cool to wear. This is especially important for women undergoing medical treatments who have little or no hair and a sensitive scalp.

Can I Style My Wig?

YES! Our finest quality human hair wigs do require styling which is what makes them look so natural. We feel if you are going to get your look back then you should be able to have fun styling it! Our professional wig specialists take pride in the work we do for customers and their excitement to feel the normal routines of styling their hair and regaining the confidence they have been missing.

Maryland’s Finest Women’s Wigs

We have extensive experience helping clients with alopecia, chemotherapy-related hair loss, trichotillomania, and thinning hair.

Our staff is dedicated to delivering an unparalleled level of care that places an unwavering focus on your individual hair loss concerns, comfort, and privacy. We invite you to CONTACT US TODAY and discover how easy it is to restore your hair, and restore your life.

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